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in the morning hours

sleeping in the apple tree
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(i believe it.)

## a youngthing, a girlthing with a heart too big, too full of love. she hides her spilling-over emotions behind words and cool reasoning, but really she's a little girl with love-bright eyes. so much of her is made up of dreaming that these days sometimes feel unreal on her skin. she's innocence, anxiety, insecurity, creativity, passion, loyalty, affection, spontanaeity, inadequacy, hesitation, procrastination, faith, adoration, adventure, impatience, tenderness, and love, oh love, love love love.

## some things (out of the many many many) which she loves, in any of the innumerable varieties in which love can exist: trees, leaves, sky, tea, sweaters, autumn, animals, firecrackers, theatre, reading, being barefoot, creaking gates, bonfires, thrift stores & antique shops, freckles, apple cider, dinosaurs, bicycles, dancing, skirts, eyelashes, stuffed animals, giraffes, old books, old anything really, europe, letter-writing, holding hands, shoulders, knee-socks, cooking, owls, thermal shirts, hugging, long conversations, puddle-jumping, finding shapes in clouds, rollercoasters, road trips, new notebooks, stripes, prairies, star-gazing, cats, the morning hours, long hair, good health, breathing deep down to her toes.

## musicmoviesbooks: five iron frenzy. the polyphonic spree. eisley. heather nova. rufus wainwright. enya. josh groban. flogging molly. relient k. the cranberries. steve burns. sonicflood. frank sinatra. celtic mixes of all types. musical soundtracks. edward scissorhands. moulin rouge. amelie. the iron giant. ET. finding nemo. disney's tarzan. big fish. finding neverland. swing kids. disney's beauty and the beast. pride and prejudice (1995). love actually. like water for chocolate. the cider house rules. ender's game. speaker for the dead. grendel. alberto manguel's a reading diary. all the strange hours. the hobbit. the lord of the rings. animorphs. rebecca. the outsiders. pride and prejudice. peter pan. essentially anything by oscar wilde, hans christian andersen, or robin mckinley.

## she believes in God, in jesus christ. she believes in spirits but not ghosts, exactly. (she definitely believes in paradoxes.) she believes in sea-monsters and whole foods and recycling and physical affection and honesty and loyalty. she believes in good posture and good manners and running out in the rain, keeping something childlike alive within us. she has a strange affinity for oscar wilde, for peregrin took. she knows she has too many evening strings but is believing that maybe some of them are actually morning strings (and you needn't worry what these strings are, it's just a way she looks at the world). she thinks everyone and everything has beauty inside, and she thinks every day can be an adventure. but most of all she believes in love. love, friends. with all your hearts, learn to give love. it is the greatest thing we can do.